Nisa (_nisa_) wrote in jedi_news,

Volume One Hundred Forty-Two, Issue Twenty-Three

- jedinewscouk posted John Williams Has Never Seen Star Wars.
- jedinewscouk posted Lucasfilm Have A 4K Restoration Of A New Hope.
- wicked_jester posted Adam Driver to Appear on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
- jedinewscouk posted Celebration Orlando 2017: 4-Day Adult Tickets Are Sold Out.
- jedinewscouk posted Michael Giacchino Tweets Appreciation for Star Wars Oxygen.
- swunderworldrss posted Doug Chiang Discusses Designing the U-Wing and More for 'Rogue One'.
- swunderworldrss posted Marvel Previews 'Star Wars #26'.
- starwars_today posted Star Wars: Best of 2016.
- jedinewscouk posted Breaking News: Carrie Fisher Suffers Heart Attack On Flight To LA.
- swunderworldrss posted Reports: Carrie Fisher Suffers Heart Attack On Plane (Updated!).
- jedinewscouk posted Rogue One Continues Box Office Smashing.
- cj_rss posted Carrie Fisher in ICU after heart attack on plane to L.A..
- swunderworldrss posted Carrie Fisher's Condition Still Unknown, Family Remains Hopeful.

- toschestation1 posted Review: Rogue One (Novelization).
- toschestation1 posted Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (audiobook novelization).

- jedinewscouk posted Galactic War Report Episode 36: The Future of Synergies.
- jedinewscouk posted Rebel Force Radio: Rogue One Review Show #2.

- starwars_today posted Presents We Would Buy for Our Favorite Star Wars Characters.
- swreport posted Rogue One: A Story about Redemption.

- ohmydarlingdear wrote "what remains". (Rated PG-13 , Chirrut ?mwe/Baze Malbus)

- quiobilover posted epic battle.

- jedinewscouk posted Forcing It, Temporary Tatooine.
- jedinewscouk posted Rogue One Displays From London-Based Animation Company BLIND.
- jedinewscouk posted Pre-Order Sideshow Dengar Sixth Scale Figure.
- jedinewscouk posted Top Trumps Star Wars Quiz Review.
- jedinewscouk posted LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar - Day 24.

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