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Volume One Hundred Seventy-Nine, Issue Nine

- roqoodepot posted Around the Web.
- jedinewscouk posted Taika Waititi Responds to Star Wars Film Rumours.
- jedinewscouk posted The Saga Concludes for Star Wars: Destiny.
- jedinewscouk posted Jon Favreau Shares Photo of George Lucas Holding The Child Puppet.
- starwars_today posted 10 Ways Resistance Reborn Connects to the Larger Star Wars Galaxy.
- starwars_today posted Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Now Open at Disneyland!.
- jedinewscouk posted Disney+ Video: The Best Star Wars References in The Simpsons.

- fangirlblog reviewed Star Wars The Mandalorian – 'The Reckoning' and 'Redemption'.
- fangirlblog discussed The Failures of The Rise of Skywalker, Part 6.

You can find Star Wars fic on these sites:
- Star Wars, Clone Wars, and Rebels on
- Star Wars on

- jedinewscouk posted Coffee With Kenobi #318: The Mandalorian – “The Reckoning”.
- jedinewscouk posted The Wampa’s Lair #366: Top 5 The Rise of Skywalker Moments.
- jedinewscouk posted Brews and Blasters 243: The Mandalorian, Chapter 8 – 'Redemption'.
- jedinewscouk posted Star Wars Report #419: The Reviews of Skywalker W/ Scott Ryfun.

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