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Volume One Hundred Seventy-Nine, Issue Seventeen

- starwars_today posted You Won’t Want to Remove this Mandalorian-inspired Meister Watch.
- roqoodepot posted Around the Web.
- starwars_today posted From the Pages of Star Wars Insider: Get Ready for Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
- jedinewscouk posted Star Wars Battlefront II Community Calendar: February 2020.
- jedinewscouk posted Entertainment Weekly: Exclusive Image From The Clone Wars Season 7 Premiere Episode.
- jedinewscouk posted The Child Wall Mural Made From Over 1,000 Post-it Notes.
- jedinewscouk posted Release Date For Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising Novel Pushed Back to October 6.
- jedinewscouk posted Debut Episode of New This Week in Star Wars Show Now Online.
- jedinewscouk posted WideVision Photos from Chapter 3 of The Mandalorian at Star Wars Authentics!.
- jedinewscouk posted Jake Lloyd Update and Statement from Family.
- jedinewscouk posted Hot Toys Teases Upcoming The Child Products From The Mandalorian.
- jedinewscouk posted Alan Harris, Bossk in The Empire Strikes Back, Has Sadly Passed Away.
- jedinewscouk posted Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Beats EA Sales Expectations.
- jedinewscouk posted Prop Store Auctions 30 Artist Designed Death Stars for Rancho Obi-Wan.
- jedinewscouk posted Goes Behind the Scenes of The Mandalorian.
- jedinewscouk posted Pre-Order Kotobukiya Scout Trooper (905808) ARTFX+ Statue.

- terror_scifi has The Post of Squee and Ventilation.
- starwars_today posted The Clone Wars Rewatch: Ahsoka Helps “A Friend in Need”.

You can find Star Wars fic on these sites:
- Star Wars, Clone Wars, and Rebels on
- Star Wars on

- jedinewscouk posted Star Wars Splash Page #157: Ghosts of Princes in Towers.
- jedinewscouk posted Skywalking Through Neverland #275: Nien Nunb Lives…? With Mike Quinn.


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