Lumy (luminations) wrote in jedi_news,

This Party's Over

Hello there!

I have decided that last night's issue will be the last edition of jedi_news.

While I still enjoy putting these together, it's time-consuming and, with the Rise of Social Media over the past decade, obsolete as a news medium. Also, most of the content now is from off-site feeds, and the community was created with the intention of being a round-up of Star Wars activity on LJ (see this 2005 issue, for example... and for a dose of nostalgia!). That could be my fault, if there are more active LJ communities out there that I'm unaware of, but I assume the main reason is that fandom has become diluted over the years, and people prefer to engage in fandom things elsewhere.

The past few times we've advertised for editors, there's been no response, so I feel it's best to retire the community rather than try to pass the torch to someone new. The archives will remain for anyone interested in perusing past content.

Thank you for reading all these years, and may the Force be with you, always ♥

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