June 16th, 2005

Misc. Fields. Flowers. Orange/Red.

Volume One, Issue Seventeen

'Star Wars' princess inspires royal name in Norway

heavyglow asks for Obi-Wan slash recs
roopkirani asks about Leia's position in the senate
usomitai speculates about Obi-Wan, personal attatchments, and the side of insufficient light (references to RotS novel)

luvelybagel posts five sketches
prince_joey drew Anakin/Obi-Wan art
zenmondo posts a thank you letter from AnakDarth Vader

Settle by citizenjess (Obi-Wan, PG)
Silly Love Songs by jennyagain (Ewan/Hayden RPS, PG)
Symbols by zoepaleologa (Palpatine, G)
The Dark Crucible - Part One by imadra_blue (Anakin/Obi-Wan, NC-17)
The Youngling by ohdramatize (genfic, PG)

___vivacious made 11 icons of Hayden Christensen
arcadianwalnut made 17 icons from Episodes V and VI
fading_melody made 27 icons
foreversnapped made an Anakin/Padmé wallpaper
killer_cons made 28 icons
openingrose made 50 icons from the movies and actors
whiteshells made 15 icons
wicked_one made 18 icons

arwen_82 posts scans of SW cards
mental_erosion posts graphic novel scans
sidereal posts comic!Aayla scans

wistfuljane compiled list of SW FPS and RPS primers, reclists, and resources

iharthdarth has two new fancomics - Pajama Padmé and Reunion
raukoemon posts a RotS comic
sore_de_ii_no posts a Hayden/Ewan fancomic

imadra_blue posts the Top 10 Reasons Why SW PWNs HP and the Top 10 Reasons Why HP PWNs SW

bonniegirl posts about knitted Yodas
rohandove posts a Vader screensaver

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