wyncatastrophe (wyncatastrophe) wrote in jedi_news,

Volume 116, Issue 13

- jedinews posted New "This Season on Star Wars Rebels" Disney Promo Video.
- cj_rss posted NYCC 2014: New Rebels Clip.
- jedinews posted This Weekend in Episode VII [...].
- cj_rss posted John Jackson Miller Q&A.
- swreport posted Crystal Crisis: A Legacy Refracted.
- jedinews posted Official Site: Talking with Billy Boyd, Jedi Hobbit.
- jedinews posted Play Expo: Game of Clones?.
- jedinews posted Latest Star Wars Finds in Tesco.
- jedinews posted Fantasy Flight Games: Force and Destiny Beta Update #5.
- jedinews posted Coffee with Kenobi: Ruminations: A Student of Star Wars.
- swunderworldrss posted "This Season on Star Wars Rebels" Teaser Released.

- cj_rss discussed Rebels Discussion: "Droids in Distress".

You can find more Star Wars fic on these sites:
- Star Wars and Clone Wars on fanfiction.net
- Star Wars on archiveofourown.org

- quiobilover posted Ewan McGregor.
- sobi_fans posted "I have no words".

- roqoodepot posted Monday Funny: Star Wars Rebel Enquirer.

- jedinews posted R2-KT Halloween Patch Available to Order.

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