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jedi_news @ livejournal

A Star Wars newsletter run by fans for fans, updated from 2005 - 2020

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Jedi News
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A Star Wars newsletter

This is a CLOSED COMMUNITY. To read Jedi News, please add it as a friend. Do NOT attempt to join as only editors can be members of the community.

Welcome to jedi_news, a newsletter dedicated to the going-ons of the Star Wars fandom. This community was inspired by the likes of quickquote and su_herald and originally created by killertofu.

To point us towards any news (Star Wars news, actor news, fanfiction, icons, art, graphics, discussion/meta, challenges, contests, fanvids, rants, questions, polls, fic searches, communities, websites, etc.), whether it is your own or someone else's, just comment on the most recent entry and it will most likely be linked in the next issue.

Any questions you have can be asked by commenting on the latest jedi_news entry.

Please Note:
* We may link to content unsuitable for those under 18. We will try our best to label content containing spoilers or NC-17/Adult/Not Safe for Work material. However, misratings, mislabelings and omissions sometimes occur, so you should exercise caution when clicking any link. Not Rated (NR) content may be of any rating from General to Adult.

* Jedi News is not responsible for the content of linked pages. Linked material does not represent the opinion of jedi_news or its editors. We do not discriminate except for relevance; consequently, linking is not an endorsement or recommendation.

* naboonotes is our watcher journal. If we haven't friended someone you think we should have, please comment on the latest entry in this community and we'll look into it.

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If you run a fandom-related newsletter and would like to affiliate, please comment on the latest entry.

Disclaimer: jedi_news is not endorsed by or affiliated with Star Wars or Lucasfilm (Disney) or any of its subsidiaries, employees, or associates. Star Wars and all elements that comprise it are the sole and exclusive property and registered trademark of Lucasfilm (Disney). Also, we are not associated with the website jedinews.co.uk.
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